Here are our favorite resources. They can be old favorites, something that you are thinking of trying, or a link that would be of interest to other teachers at our school. Please post comments on the discussion board. If you'd like to add a resource and are not a member of the wiki, just email me.

Just learned about these!

Tried and True

  • These websites are amazing resources. Before I search all over the Internet, I check these out first.

  • I love TeachersFirst. The site is very easy to navigate and also has some great webinars. See OK2ASK at the website.

  • You can learn so much at Classroom 2.0 . Become a member. It doesn't cost anything & you won't get annoying emails either.

  • I subscribe to Free Technology for Teachers , so I get the latest and greatest info. You can also just visit the website and check out the vast quantity of resources.

  • You can go to camp and learn about tons of technology at Virtual Summer Camp. It doesn't even have to be summer!

Discovery Education

  • We all know that Discovery Education has thousands of streaming videos, but they also have a tremendous assortment of other resources. Create assignments for students and they can access them through their own accounts.

  • Here are instructions for how to create student accounts. I suggest you add an SO to the beginning of their Stone Oak usernames and use their regular passwords (i.e. cglenn = socglenn). It's easy to remember and shouldn't conflict with other Discovery Network users.




  • At ViewPure you can watch YouTube videos without comments, suggestions, etc.

  • Watch the video below and learn how to create a test or survey using Google Docs. Your students respond and you can instantly graph the results.

Check this out!

  • Here's a huge slideshow about Digital Storytelling.

  • TeachersFirst has fantastic online "Snack" sessions at Ok2ask

  • Check out Glogster . Be sure you make an account with GlogsterEDU.

  • Know it all is a fantastic site out of South Carolina. This site covers a huge range of topics.

  • Count up or count down with Online Stopwatch is simple to use and it has HUGE numbers.

  • I just came across Ideas to Inspire . There are links to numerous ways to integrate technology in your classroom.

  • The Visual Dictionary looks like a great way to find the name of something when you know what it looks like, but you don't know what it's called.

  • Cool Tools for Schools has several different technology tools - collaboration, video, slideshows, and several more.

  • Class Tools has some great tools for your class. Want to pick a student's name at random? There's a program for that and lots more. Zars likes this, too.

  • This is amazing. The computer reads your mind at 20 Questions

  • I've used WritingFix before and it's a terrific resource. 6 Traits Post-its has pdf templates with directions for printing revision and editing notes on post-its. Very clever.

Math Links

  • I just found this math link that figures out mean before your very eyes! The Mean Machine

Science Links

  • Year of Science is chock full of educational science games. Check out the Planet Earth link.

  • I found this website last year and found it to be pretty amazing. Besides the ton of resources for Science Fair, it actually has a tool that walks a student through the process of choosing a science fair project. I can go on a vacation. This site does it all! Science Buddies

  • I just found Science Books Online . It looks pretty cool. Lots of higher level info, but scroll through & you'll find some goodies.

  • NASA TV - You can watchlive webcasts of launches, landings, spacewalks, and astronauts on the ISS.

  • Earth Science Week is in October. This link has great lessons & resources. You can also order a toolkit that's packed with info and lots of goodies for about $8.